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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Summer Essentials Part 1

Hi there!
As summer is fast approaching us, I thought I would show you some of my summer essentials!

1. Next Sparkle Azure Shimmer Body Spray
I always like to find a nice summer fragrance, and this Next body mist is perfect! It smells amazing and is very long wearing. It has quite a floral scent so is perfect for summer. This is a glitter body spray so leaves glitter when you spray it. This adds a gorgeous shimmer to your skin. This 200ml bottle is only £6, so is great value for money.

2. Primark Glitter Hair and Body Spray
After adopting the nickname of 'Sparkles' from my school friends, I thought I HAD to buy this spray! It is simply a glitter spray which you can use on clothing, hair and skin. It adds a lovely gold shimmer to your skin, and lasts all day long. I think this would look amazing with a tan, so will definitely be coming with me on holiday this year. This only costs £1, so even if you buy it for a bit of fun with your friends, its not going to burst the bank. 

3. Beauty Formulas Cooling Mist
I am one of those people that love summer, but HATE getting too hot. When I get hot I get uncomfortable and irratable. I saw in one of Sprinkle Of Glitter's youtube videos form last year, that she used this cooling mist. I had to go and buy it! I am soooooo pleased that I did. It is so amazing, it really cools you down and very quickly. I use this at night if I get too hot, but I also used it on holiday last year. It definitely works better if you keep it in the fridge, however, it is still cold if you store it at room temperature. It only costs £1 from Savers, and 1 bottle (depending on how much you use it) should last at least 6 months. 1 bottle should definitely cover the whole of summer!
 4. Pastel Lip Sticks
When it gets to summer I love to pull out the pastel pinks and nudes for my lips. I find they just soften any makeup look and look perfect with tanned skin. I like to use the Natural Colletion moisture shine lipsticks, as they moisturise your lips aswell as adding a lovely colour. My 5 favourite pastel colours from this collection are: Raspberry, Pink Orchid, Coral Shimmer, Rose Petal and Sorbet. They all have a slight shimmer aswell so look lovely in the sun! For only £1.99 you really can't go wrong.
 5. Collection Speedy Highlighter- 1 Pearl Sheen
Recently, I have really loved highlighting my face. Any highlighter is suitabe, and I have many favourites, however, one that stands out is the Collection Speedy highlighter in the shade Pearl Sheen. It is a stick cream highlighter with a gorgeous sheen. It is extremly easy to apply and lasts all day long. I like to use it on the top of my cheek bones, down the bridge of my nose, and on my temples. The sun reflects off of this highligter beautifully. It only costs £3.99 and should last a good 4-6 months.

 6. Shimmery Nail Varnish
As most schools don't allow you to wear nail varnish, I always look forward to the summer holidays so I can paint my nails. I like to use sparkly polishes, so they stand out in the sun. I have recently started using Ciate nail varnishes, as I got the advent calender at Christmas. All of the colours are super pretty. I especially love the shades: Candy Floss, Rollercoaster, Blizzard and Members Only. I normally find that most nail varnishes start to peel after a couple of days, however, this hasn't happened with these nail varnishes. I also use the Ciate Underwear and Suspension Top Coat, which makes the polish very long wearing. The full size polishes are normally around £9.00 each, which is slightly pricey but totally worth it.

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my summer favourites. Keep an eye out for a part 2 coming very soon! In the comments leave some of your fave summer essentials!

S xx

Saturday, 4 June 2016

W7 Yummy Eyes Baked Eyeshadow-Shade: Cafe Latte

Hi There!

Another fab makeup review is coming your way! Today I am going to review the W7 Baked Eyeshadow in the shade Cafe Latte. 

As you probably know from previous posts, I love all W7 makeup. However, this eyeshadow mis probaby one of my faves. It is very highly pigmented and adds a gorgeous shimmer to your eyelid. I love to use this to highlight my brow bone, and also in the corner of my eye to brighten them. Occasionaly I will sweep this under my eye to make my eyes stand out.

Another huge bonus of this product is the price! As with all other W7 products it is extremly affordable. It is only £4.95!!! I have had this eyeshadow for about 1 year and used it LOADSSS and there is still LOADSSS left! Definitely worth every single little penny!

Hope you enjoyed this review! I Highly recommend you purchase this product. It would look especially amazing for a prom look!

S xx

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation- Shade: Porcelain 1

Boots- £5.99
Hi There!

Long time no blog! Due to revision for my GCSEs I had to focus on my exams rather than my blog. However, now that half term has finally occured I am able to take some time out of revsion to start writing blog posts!

Today I thought I would review my current fave makeup product. The Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation in the shade Porcelain 1. 

I only started using foundation about 2 months ago, as an experiment for prom makeup. But, I fell in love with this foundation. I apply it with a beauty blender and it looks AMAZING!! The coverage is perfect and it adds a lovely glow to your skin. It is also very long wearing so lasts all day without the need to top up. It is sooo easy to blend into the skin and has a beautiful, natural finish. 

I had never felt the need to wear foundation, however, after trying this foundation I will never turn back! I don't use it everyday, as I don't wear makeup when i'm lounging around at home revising, but, I absolutely love days where I put on my makeup because I love applying this foundation!

I highly recommend this foundation to first time makeup users, or anyone looking for a light weight but reasonably high coverage foundation. 

S xx

Monday, 7 March 2016

Quote of The Week

If you want to make yourself, happy, you need to be with people that are with you through thick and thin. People who laugh with you, not at you. If you surround yourself with negativity, the happy moments in life will become miserable.

Monday, 29 February 2016

Quote of The Week

No two people are the same. If you compare yourself to others you will begin to fault yourself. The differences between you and others makes you unique.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Quote of The Week

Never let anyone change you. If you have to change yourself for someone, then they are not the one for you. Someone out there will accept you for you, you just have to find them.